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The Complete Animal Within System                                                            
- Discover the complete system that will help you transform your life and 
  have as many one night stands / short term relationships & long term
  relationships as possible!


The Ultimate Transition Guide                                                                            
- Transition almost any one night lay or friendship into a short term, long 

  term or even an f-buddy relationship with this transition guide.


Anxiety Reducing Techniques / Meditations                                                            
- The reason why the majority of men aren't approaching attractive women is
   because they feel scared, anxious or tense. These meditation techniques are 
   FREQUENCY so that you can present your best self around any woman. 


The Secrets To How To Start A Conversation                                                         
- Starting a conversation is simple, but you'll have to learn how to keep it going if 
  you want to date her for the short term or even the long term. She wants to know 
  that you can keep the conversation going without getting frustrated, scared or nervous. 


Routines of Mastery - Aristotles Guide      
- This ancient philosophical system is STILL used and applied in this day and age by professional athletes,
scholars, notable people and even celebrities! Let's face it - if you want to get good at something you'll
have to develop the right routines and mindsets to 
get good at that one thing. This system will teach you
how a WINNER thinks so you can 
dominate in life.    


Testosterone Boosting Method                                                                               
- There's a few life hacks that will help you raise and boost your testosterone levels so that 
  you're more aroused throughout the day. Women respond well to men who can speak to their 
  emotions - if you can turn her on... on the spot - she'll probably go straight home with you! 


A Guide To Healthy Relationships                                                                           
- Let's say you're tired of having one night stands and hooking up, why not get into a relationship? 
  There's actually a lot you can learn from spending time with a woman - discover the secrets to what 
  it takes to have a successful relationship with a woman (dependent / independent / interdependent
  relationships guide included). 


Tranquil Arousal Method - Wet On Command                                                         
- You can actually get a woman turned on - on the spot - without even touching her! This is very 
  possible and it happens ALL of the time. Discover the ancient art of "Sacral Chakra Breathing"
  which can help you and any woman get back in touch with your instincts. 


Lifestyles of The Highly Attractive                                                                         
- Attractive people are attractive because they live their lives a certain way - they're not necessarily 
  attractive the moment they are born. They have the right lifestyle habits in place so that they can 
  BECOME attractive - discover what it takes to become an attractive man in the 21st century. 


Developing "The Abundance / Winner Mindset"                                                      
- There are people in the world who WIN, there are people in the world who LOSE and there are people
  in the world who haven't figured out how to win. Discover the Abundance / Winner Mindset and start 
  to take control in your life so that you can WIN. WIN. and WIN some more. 


TOTAL:                                                 $67                                                         

TOTAL: $67


FINALLY! I'm Starting To Make My Life Like The Movies! 

"I was going out every weekend and couldn't get anything - I was getting nervous and all shaky... not to mention I felt all awkward because of my height. I bought this system, made the lifestyle changes and I'm hooking up like an animal. 

This stuff really works, on an instinctual level. I can actually FEEL the girl getting turned on!"

- Albert Q. 

So THIS is what women really want???

"I was under the impression that all women wanted was a man who was over 6 foot or
extremelly rich (attractive women). I watched ALL of the videos, did all of the exercises and now I'm speaking to women on an emotional level. 

I'm actually connecting with them and it's working!!! By the way, I'm only 5 foot 5"

- Jake D. 

More peace of mind.

"It's a relief to get an insight into the female mind. I always took things out on myself, I thought it was because I wasn't tall enough, rich enough or good looking enough. I'm glad to know that women usually see past all of that stuff - but it was up to me to see past that stuff first."

- Matt T. 

Had a divorce about a two years ago and became depressed.... now I'm having the time of my life!!!! 

"A few years ago I got out of a relationship with my wife of 10 years. I was depressed and my life felt like it was falling apart. I'm so glad I decided to invest in this program because it taught me more about female psychology, how to live a healthy life and what women truly want.

Would highly recommend to ANYONE looking to sharpen their dating skills."

- Albert Q. 

Are You Ready To Start Winning In Life?

Try The Animal Within - The Ultimate Seduction / Dating Guide For Men for 60 days. 

Discover what it takes to not only date the highest quality women in your city, but also to find your 
purpose in life and excel in ALL areas of your life! 

Remember that there are winners, there are losers and there are people
who haven't discovered HOW to win just yet. 

Then send in your success story - or get your money back. No questions asked. 

Wow - I'm 42 and my girlfriend is 24 

"I was sort of skeptical about this program, but figured that it was only $67 - so I gave it a shot. Funny thing is, I started to think about my purpose and now women are hitting on me. They're chasing ME now! HAH - what a world. 

This stuff really works"

- Bob F. 

HIGHLY recommend this to any man looking to spice up his life. 

"I've listened to other dating instructors who told me to go out 7 days a week and none of that stuff really worked - it just made me feel kind of weird and insecure or unsure about myself.

I came across these guys and they taught me how to literally transform my life so I could be an attractive man - funny thing was is that it worked. This is a STEAL for $67.

- Yajee O. 

Never thought that I would become a "stud muffin"  

"I would always hear my friends speak about how some women were all over them. I would hear about how women would chase them, but that stuff never happened to me.

I finally found out WHY - I didn't have purpose in life. This system really works and it teaches men (just like me) how to have purpose in life and make great things happen.

- Johnson R.  

F*CK music, movies and all of the other mainstream crap out there! 

"I can't believe I fell into belieivng that women date and sleep with men who are tall and good looking.

I'm so glad I found this - now I know that women respond to men who make them FEEL a certain way rather than men who look a certain way. THANK YOU! 

- Gerard U. 

7 DAYS... 10 GIRLS!!!!! 

"The Tinder training was off the charts, I did everything you said and hooked up with 10 girls in 7 days. I feel disgusting and amazing at the same time - I want more! hahahahah! You're the man.  

- Jude P. 

Woah... Bathroom Stall Hook Up The FIRST Week! 

"This stuff is pretty cool, I went to a little loft party last week and ended up hooking up with this girl in the bathroom stall - she was all up for it. Best of all I didn't have whisky dick or anything else like that (thanks to your no drinking rule). 

- Louis G. 

In a great relationship with an

amazing woman :) 

"After having some fun for a few months I was able to find a great woman who was in touch with her spiritual side (a yoga teacher) and now we're dating. She's HOT, FLEXIBLE and super cool.

The transition guide worked wonders while I was single - thanks for the advice.

- Yuree E. 

I was never able to make a relatonship work until now. 

"I always thought that a relationship would make me happy, but I found out that wasn't the truth - and this system helped me come to that realization.

I realized WHY my relationships weren't working and it was because I would constantly lose touch with my purpose and passion in life.

This course helped me commit myself to my purpose and now I'm dating multiple women - all while doing well in life. Thanks.... a lot. 

- Harry W. 


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