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SUBJECT: [VIDEO] Man FINALLY gets what he deserves!

Blown away.

Some guy who told me he was rejected by almost every single 
girl growing up (because he had buck teeth) is now dating the
woman of his dreams and travelling the world with her.  

He watched some free webinar online revealing how to 
activate the limbic system (amygdala) and he's speaking
to women as a MASCULINE male... 

Instead of just as a friend. 

See it for yourself here: 


He used to be the type of man who was always caught in the
friend zone. 

The type who only dates women that want him (and not vise versa). 

Now he's actually CHOOSING his partner, without her having 
to choose him. 

Crazy huh?

Well, he's doing amazing things with his life now. 

I mean he's dating a beautiful yoga instructor, travelling the 
world and he's even getting in great shape. 

Why can't EVERY guy live this lifetyle? 

So your choice... 

You can choose to be a regular guy who just goes for whatever
he canget... 


You can transform your life and CHOOSE who you want to be with. 

Don't settle man... 

Take a look into this webinar right now: 




Swipe #2:

SUBJECT: The SECRET to having unforgettable nights out! 

The hottie in the tight black dress... 

You see her sitting there a few feet away from you. 

You feel it instantly. 

She's the one every man craves. 

She's the one that turns you on instantly. 

She's the one that you get into that smooth conversation with, make out with, then take home and RAVISH! 

Or...  is she the one to just reject you and see you as the next loser
approaching her?

What type of man are you going to be? The one who gets her or the one who loses her to another guy?

You can try to wing it and admit that you don't need any help - and get the same results over and over again... 

Or you can discover our method that THOUSANDS of men in our city have used to get: one night stands, short term relationships, long term relationship and even f-buddy relationships. 

Get the formula here:


Chances are, wht you've probably been doing hasn't been working. 

Heck, maybe you have the courage to admit that your game isn't that great... 

You see bars, nightclubs and other social venues are set up so that you spend your money on drinks... 

So that you feel sort of insecure... 

So that your confidence is built off of something superficial... 

The bad news is... is that this is probably NEVER going to stop. 

But the good news is, is that this system helps men reach states of conciousness and confidence that AUTHENTIC and LASTING - regardless of anything going on in the environment. 

This system goes over a few PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSIOLOGICAL (and neurological) shifts men can make so that they acn get back in touch with their instincual side. 

It's also been tested and proven to work with THOUSANDS of men in our city. 

We've been pretty low key about it, but now we're exposing our
secrets to the online world. 

So what do you say....?

Do you really want that hottie to go home with some other guy?

Do you really want to just let go and not take those chances... letting her slide right through your hands over and over again? 

Or even worse... 

Do you really want to go home after every night just to switch on your computer and watch adult films?

If you're like me - you're not putting up with that stuff. 

Take a look and watch this free webinar and get some pointers on HOW to have those adventerous nights out: 





SUBJECT: TOP 3 MISTAKES men are making on their nights out


So the majority of men are going out on their weends and are ending up alone with PALMala HANDerson simply because their game is
missing a few key elements... 

Find out here if you're really that eager haha:


Let's get into the facts of what Dylan discovered. 



Basically, the majority of all women on this planet want a man who 
has purpose and a healthy livelihood. 

See if you go out to a bar or a nightclub and see 
an ultra-rich guy with hot women around him... 

It's not necessarily because he has money... 

It's not because he has those connections... 

It's because he has ambition and strategy in the way 
he thinks - and that TURNS HER ON! 

Women are looking for men who know how to 
speak to their emotions instead of their logical mind. 

So you can be a great guy... but if you're not speaking 
to her emotions... 


See you can have an MBA from a top universtity... 

You can be 6 foot 4... 

You can even look like a male model and be a  doctor... 

But if you don't have PURPOSE and LIVELIHOOD and the
know how of how to speak to her emotional body, then 
you're not going ANYWHERE with her. 

Just take a few moments to think about it.

Would you be friends with a guy who speaks about boring 
subjects all day?

Would you go out on wild adventures with your english 

Would you want to enjoy a coffee or a tea with someone 
who speaks logically all day? 

Of course not! 

We want to have FUN and experience JOY in our conversations. 

We want to live our lives to the fullest and we usually want 
to surround ourselves with people who want the same thing. 

This is just ONE of the shocking truths mentioned in this 

Watch the ENTIRE video here (keep in mind that it probably will 
come down soon): 



P.S. Don't be the guy who gets placed in the friendship zone, 
it's officially up to you to make these relationships work - take
responsibility today. 




SUBJECT: What the PUAs forgot to tell you... (new video)

Hey man,

Pickup lines and tactics that you may have read on a blog or a book might hold some value... 

Don't get me wrong - I mean those lines can make it easier for a man to open a woman up... 

But let's get REAL. 

Women don't drop their pants (especially at a nightclub or a bar) because of what you say. 

They drop their pants because of how they FEEL around you. 

Let's face it - not every guy out there has the mojo to pick up a woman and bring her home with him. 

Every guy has the potential to do so, but a lot of guys just havent figured out HOW TO. 


There are 3 types of people in this world:

  1. Winners
  2. Losers
  3. People who haven't figured out how to win 

Losers give up... and if you're reading this e-mail, you're clearly not a loser. 

So what type of man are you?

Figure out how to get what you really want in this FREE video below
(this video won't be up for long): 






SUBJECT: Not every guy can do this...  (new video)

Hey man,

There's a few secrets the mainstream world doesn't want you to know. 

We're all pretty much brainwashed by television, books, the news and the media to think that we have to approach women a certain way... 

We're taught that we have to:

  • Beg her to come home with us 
  • Do the things a movie character would do 
  • Pay for the first date 

All of that stuff is NONSENSE! 

The majority of women (won't admit it) but are CRAVING and are
DESPERATE for a man who knows these secrets - this will automatically place you in the top 5% of men! 

Just watch this FREE presentation and take action - we want you to win: 





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